Lift your profile or promote your product with professional public relations

Public relations is about helping people to get to know you better:  Lifting your profile with the audiences you want to understand you, changing the way sectors of the community perceive you, or simply promoting an individual, cause, company or product.  A great business idea or inspired new product or service cannot succeed in the market unless your potential customers know about it.  McGown Creative can help you tell them!

pr-1McGown Creative has the inside journalistic knowledge to help you pitch and promote your cause.  We will sit down with you to develop a clear understanding of your needs, then formulate and deliver a strategy to achieve them.

We understand how the system works, and have the contacts to turn the strategy into reality.  We can work with journalists and producers to identify the merits of a particular story, using our specialist skills to draw out news angles and create objective information that realises your promotional goals.

Effective PR campaigns tailored to your needs can be far more credible and cost-effective than mass-media advertising.  McGown Creative can help deliver your messages to your targeted marketplaces, creatively and cost-effectively.

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